The time has come to go…

Were moving out of here! The time has finally come to have a new start and be able to thrive in a place where we will be surrounded by conscious people with great vibes that will really advance our evolution, Texas!

Two years ago I stumbled upon an intentional community. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a story about a raid that took place in an organic eco-village near the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I was super curious and clicked on the link to check it out. Little did I know, that day would mark the beginning of the most amazing and influential discovery of my life, Quinn Eaker and The Garden of Eden.

My dream life I had always envisioned included living on several acres of land with like-minded people all working towards a common goal of spirituality, sustainability and consciousness. We would all be growing our own organic food, do yoga, energy healing, have parties, unschool, trade/barter, meditate, build sustainable homes, hold workshops, heal people, etc… Well, come to find out, there was already a community of people that were doing exactly that!

I went to visit the Garden of Eden in 2014 and I completely fell in love with everything about it and everyone in it! The lifestyle that the inhabitants lived was the truest form of consciousness and sustainability that I’ve ever come across. I was enchanted and wanted to drench myself in that coo-laid! :p

With my custody arrangements at the time, I was not able to move out of Virginia. I had thought that there wasn’t a way out. But it turns out that I was very wrong and what I saw as obstacles where actually placed there by my own dis-empowered illusions. I was coming from a place of fear and therefore was not energetically aligned with a solution.  I was completely capable of pursuing my dreams all along and my geographical restrictions were just an excuse. It only took me 2 years to figure that out!

I’m finally in alignment with what I want and how to achieve it. The universe is taking cues from the energy I’ve been emitting and paved a road for me to effortlessly frolic down! 🙂

We only have 4 more weeks left and there’s SO much to do! Between breastfeeding, unschooling, packing and beginning an online course, I’m overwhelmed but excited. Or maybe I’m overwhelmed with excitement? Either way, it feels great! I’m more than ready for all of the new experiences and personal growth that are ahead of me. 🙂



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