Feels so effortless

With the end of our lease approaching, there’s so much to do to prepare for our big move. A lot of it is touching up our current home to look just as it did when we first moved in (or better). It’s the nice thing to do right? Plus, we need a good reference. 😉

First, I needed a little morning pick-me-up to conjure up the motivation to start my day. Part of my motivation is literally laying in bed until I feel like getting up. I’ve made it a priority every morning to be grateful that I don’t have to wake up to an alarm. I’m able to blink open my eyes slowly, stretch, breathe deeply and indulge in a book or my signing bowl before my feet ever touch the ground. Granted, that’s only if I don’t wake up to a wet diapered Willow and hungry/bored Landon at the crack of dawn. I can’t have everything. :p At least it’s not an alarm clock and I’m waking up to my favorite little faces.

I made myself a cup of matcha green tea and sipped on it as I played dress up with the kiddos. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I loved playing dress up as a little girl and not much has changed in that department. Now, I just get to do it with real people. 😀

We headed out to Lowes to find the perfect paint color for our second bathroom. Our trips out are always an opportunity for Landon to learn. He’s very involved and has a million questions about the world around him. His natural curiosity makes it a breeze for unschooling!

Naturally, you always have to bring a gun with you to shoot bad guys when you’re looking for paint. :p

Landon took my phone and wanted to take a picture of me and Willow.

And here… He’s actually quite the photographer!

I really enjoy myself on these little outings with my littles. Even when I’m literally just running a bunch of errands and they’re basically tagging along while I get stuff done. Being present opens up so many opportunities to engage, bond and learn with them while checking off my to-do list. My heart is full at the end of these days because not only was I super productive but I didn’t miss any moments with them either. We were in no rush to meet some arbitrary deadline. It really can feel effortless when all my thoughts and actions are coming from a place of love. <3

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