My home birth story

When I gave birth to Landon, I was in a birthing inn. Long hours of labor with the continuous internal exams by complete strangers and constant distractions of medical equipment and needless chattering in a bright lit room. I thought I had been prepared for coping with my contractions but since I believed that birth […]

Working through triggers.

Every single person has things that will trigger them to snap. The reaction actually does not have much to do with the present moment but from a past unhealed trauma. The people who trigger us in our lives are the messengers, communicating to us that there is a part of ourselves that we need to heal. […]

Why my kids don’t have to hug you

Majority of people (especially these days) feel entitled to receive physical affection because of the type of relationship they have with another individual. Significant others feel entitled to intimacy because they’re in a relationship. Family members are entitled to a warm hug or a kiss on the cheek because they’re related. People feel like they’re supposed to shake […]

5 Habits to a better morning before you leave your bed.

Most mornings, my eyes and Facebook open at about the same time. I spend the first few minutes checking my ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ before scrolling the news-feed for 20 minutes and then switching to Instagram. On other days, when I have early appointments to get to, I hit the snooze button every time it goes off […]

My little spiritual coach

As I was putting Landon down for bed tonight, we did our usual routine. He brushed his teeth, we read 4 different stories, played with each others faces and cuddled for a bit. And every night as I start to get up from his bed, he’ll always ask me to ‘get his stuff’. ‘His stuff’ […]

Why I don’t shower…

Okay, I don’t mean that I don’t shower at all. But I do mean that I limit my showers to once every week and a half to 2 weeks. Sounds pretty gross right? It totally was in the beginning! My hair and skin was so accustomed to being stripped away of all of it’s natural […]

Colloidal Silver!

It’s been a while since my last blog entry but I wanted to have the time to experience the full benefits of a new supplement I added into my health routine before I wrote about it. Colloidal Silver! I’ve heard of colloidal silver from time to time for over a decade now but I never […]

What the toxins in your laundry are doing to you

Do you love that fresh laundry smell that comes straight out of the dryer? You know, that warm cozy feeling of scooping an arm full of clean laundry with the promise of a fresh linen scent. I loved it! I especially loved Downy’s Lavender Serenity. I didn’t just use my dryer sheets for the laundry […]

The Unsustainable Vagina.

The average woman has a menstruating lifespan of 33 years (from ages 12-45). With the lovely period lasting 3-7 days every month, women are spending about $4.00 a month on tampons AND an additional $4.00 for panty liners or pads to protect their underwear. This comes to $96.00 per year. Doesn’t sound too bad right? […]

Allergy snot rinse: The Neti Pot

The snow has melted, birds are chirping and the sun brings about a re-birth. It’s springtime! 🙂 The nice warm weather, BBQ’s, hikes, picnics and oh yea, allergies… The congested, sneezing, coughing, runny-nose, itchy sore throat, sinus headache and itchy watery eyes. As an allergy sufferer, I can contest that it is absolutely miserable. In […]