My favorite ways to spend alone time as a mom

Having time to yourself when you’re a mom is sometimes a hard one to come by. Your little ones need you constantly and you’ve become accustomed to one child playing on the floor and the other sitting on the toilet while you’re taking a shower. Kids have no sense of privacy and it’s totally absurd […]

The most important diaper bag essentials and how they can save the day!

Before I had kids, the contents of my purse were very limited. Chapstick, glasses, wallet and phone. I didn’t even really need a purse. Anything more than that would probably mean I’m staying overnight somewhere. Four years and 2 kids later, those light traveling days are so over! :p What could a tiny little person […]

Mommy stress management for the crunchy mom

Raising kids is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do! My little ones didn’t come with a manual so most of the time I think I’m messing it all up! I’m worried that they’re not dressed warm enough, they’re going to fall, they didn’t have enough to eat, they’ll wear diapers forever, they’re […]

8 Morning rituals for a mindful mama

Getting up in the morning is probably the hardest part of my day. Between getting up to pee in the middle of the night to comfort nursing my little one back sleep, I’m averaging about 3-4 broken hours of sleep a night. When I’m absolutely positive my baby’s in a deep sleep, I can relax […]

5 Essential job skills every stay-at-home-mom needs

Being a stay-at-home-mom is the most challenging role I’ve ever stepped into. And it requires some solid skills to be a productive one! I’m not JUST a mom. I’m the chef, project manager, chaperone, chauffeur, referee, maid, teacher, nurse, coach, storyteller and a few more roles that I transition to and from every day. Every […]