About me

Hey hey! I’m Claudia!

I’m a sleepless, worn out, run down mama of two who just so happens to love all the reasons for it! I have a passion for creating a sustainable and holistic lifestyle for me and my family. I’ve decided to dedicate myself to building the life I’ve always dreamed of and focusing on things I really love: time with my family, breastfeeding, unschooling, homesteading, traveling, camping, holistic healing, yoga, blogging, spirituality, conscious awareness, and much more!

I’m constantly in search of the truth and share my experiences as authentically as possible. I’m consciously active in my spiritual growth and hope that through my encounters, you’ll find support in your own path and be able to evolve, laugh, learn and cry with me.

Living and providing a life of freedom for my children is essential to me. I have gone through (and will continue to go through) so many trials and errors when it comes to shifting towards a more sustainable lifestyle. I’ve ruined expensive cloth diapers, watched my “thriving” garden die the next day and cooked healthy meals that no one wanted to eat. I’ve also spent 2 hours in the bathroom in a crazy spread eagle position trying to figure out how to remove my menstrual cup, suffered hot summers coping without air conditioning (by choice) and many more of these “experiments” towards sustainability that I continually failed. Until one day (after plenty of practice and repetition)…they were finally perfected. 🙂

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Being a stay at home mom is a daunting task on it’s own. If you have little one’s, you know that they grow up all too fast. I’m only going to be the center of their universe for so long before my babies run off and start their own lives. That’s why I have made it a priority to work from home as a full-time blogger so I can be there for all those toothy smiles, new adventures and kiss every boo-boo along the way.  It’s a great way for me to document all of our memories and be able to cherish them for years to come. It also gives me a way to measure progress and I’m able to break free of the 9-5 chains as I learn how to monetize my blog. And last (but not least), it’s the opportunity to share with you all and offer my help and support along your journeys as well. I hope to offer inspiration to go after the life you love!

Blessings! <3


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